Ajijic Vacation Travel Tips – When is the Best Weather For a Lake Chapala Vacation?

This Ajijic Vacation Travel Tip centers on the idea of what is the best time to visit Lake Chapala, Mexico. And answer the question, “when is the best weather to vacation in the village of Ajijic?”This Mexico vacation tip will reveal the inside track information of when to come for an Ajijic vacation as a first time visitor.Although, Lake Chapala, Mexico is not considered a typical tourist destination like Puerto Vallarta, Cancun or other beach areas, many travelers to this destination south of the border, discover the magic of an Ajijic holiday adventure. Located inland on the largest lake in Mexico, Lake Chapala is also a very popular American retirement community in Mexico.When is the Best Time of Year to Take Your Ajijic Vacation?The best kept secret is that Lake Chapala, Mexico is ranked as among best climate in the world for retirement according to the National Geographic.What that means to you, the first time visitor, is that whenever you visit, the weather will be near perfect. Winter, summer, spring or fall in Ajijic is just the way you like it, pleasantly warm days, and cooler mornings and evenings. That is why the nickname for this area of the Mexican highlands weather wise is: “The Land of Eternal Spring”.Great Ajijic Weather all YearApril and May is the shoulder season in Ajijic. These are the months right before the rains begin. We have warm balmy evenings and it can get hot in the midday sun. Light colored cotton fabrics work great for this time of year. Casual dress is appropriate all year long here in this part of inland Mexico.Summer and Fall is the time to bring your umbrella in Lake Chapala. It mostly rains late at night, but we can get a few afternoon showers. It is perfect weather, plus one of the most beautiful times of the year with low humidity and mild temperatures around the lakeside communities. The Sierra Madre Mountains are emerald green and lush plants are growing everywhere. Pack shorts or light clothing for the day, a light jacket for early mornings and evenings out on the town in Ajijic.Winter weather in Ajijic-Chapala is sunny and perfect. Cool mornings and nights, so you will want to pack sweats for morning jogs or walking on the lake and a light to medium weight jacket for evenings. It is the time of year when the snowbirds arrive, so make your Ajijic vacation plans several months in advance, for the best Ajijic lodging accommodations.

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Getting It Right With Your Home Buying Process

The real estate industry is quite expansive and helpful for potential homeowners. There is no greater achievement than owning a home and finally saying goodbye to tenant life which can be quite troublesome. A home is a huge investment and it makes it very important to get it right from the initial stages. You do not want to end up in a home that you regret buying simply because it does not match with your expectations. There are so many property options regardless of where you are located and you should therefore take time to get a property that suits you completely.Buy only if you can stay put If your work requires moving from one place to the other, then it might be advisable to buy a home yet. If you end up selling your home sooner, there is a likelihood of losing money because of the transactions of selling and buying a home. Be sure to buy a house within a locality that you love and one you are sure you can enjoy years from today. If you do not see yourself in the same house in the next five years, then buying might not be the best choice yet.Recheck your credit reportBuying a house can be expensive and you might require a mortgage plan to make it happen. Your credit history can determine the financial help you can enjoy. You therefore want to get all copies of credit report and confirm that all facts included in it are correct. Early checks are important since you can easily have visible problems fixed before seeking a mortgage. A clean credit report will give you an easy time with the financial institutions for a mortgage. It will also save you from interest rates that are too high when making payments.Find a home you can afford Your income, expenses and debts can determine the kind of home you can afford. The rule you should stick to is to buy a house that is within your lifestyle level. The real estate industry is expansive and a little research on available properties will definitely land you on a property that you can afford and enjoy. You can use professional property advisers to work out the calculations for you in relation to your current financial capabilities. You can also use the professionals to help out with the bidding process strategies to get the best price for the house.Evaluate the property location Apart from choosing a house that is within a locality with good schools for your children, you should consider other factors such as security, road network and available facilities. A good home should give you easy access to facilities that you need most to make life comfortable. They include shopping malls and medical care centers. The location can determine how comfortable your living is too in terms of population levels. You therefore want to choose wisely to make every single day utmost fulfilling for the rest of your time on the property.

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Stay Clear of Cash Advances and Other Financial Follies

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